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Santint is one of the leaders of global tinting machine industry, which devotes itself to offering the state-of-the-art tinting machine with high accuracy and good color experience.
The core products are divided into four series:
Decorative Paint Dispensers
Car-refinish Paint Dispensers
Ink Dispensing System
In-plant Tinting System
Founded in
Santint has been headquartered in Zhengzhou, China since 1996. 5 subsidiaries are established in USA, Brazil, Netherlands, Poland and India, with 9 oversea offices and over 500 staffs at home and abroad. The sales and service networks are widely spread all over the world.
years of history
overseas offices
500 +
1000 +
cooperating clients
What we insist
Santint insists on R & D of volumetric allocation technology.

We take market demand as orientation, focus on customers’ pain points and continuously innovate.

What we did
By virtue of high quality and high performance products and perfect services, Santint is widely recognized by famous brands in domestic and abroad. We have become the strategic partner of industry giants such as PPG, AkzoNobel, and BASF. Our products are sold worldwide.
Corporate Responsibility
100% Recirculation Technology
Saves Nearly 30000L Colorants Annually
Every in-can tinting system
Reduces 6000 tons sewage every year
Automatic car-refinish dispenser
All for Painters’ Health
We are serious about sustainability.
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